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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Spill Over Effect !

Disclaimer : This post is not a stock recommendation. This post only demonstrates that value investing like common cold is infectious and spreads quickly in the family.

I am sure in any family where there's a value investor, there would be similar stories. 
Here's mine :

Please meet my son Aditya ; 8 years old. He picks up on what I read and what I talk. He also accompanies me a few times that I visit a company showroom , a construction site or a walk in the market where I can gather a feel about the products, brands and their competitors.

Some months back, I was reading up on Ashiana Housing Limited and see what he drew in his drawing class in the school.

Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi


And Bajaj Auto Limited...Bajaj Pulsar and Bajaj Discover !