Investment Advisory Service

Friday, 5 May 2017

Internship 2017-18 (List)

Hi Everyone,

First of all thank you for evincing interest in the internship and sending in your applications.

Replying and acknowledging the individual mails was not possible. However, I have taken due care that none of the mails remain unattended in the bulk /spam folder. 

I carefully went through each application and short listed the names. From the short list, I picked a draw of 10 names which are :

  1. Vishal Prasad
  2. Shyam Sunder R
  3. Harsh Gupta
  4. Gummadi Jaya Chandra
  5. Sameer Sawant
  6. Vikas Kasturi
  7. Niyas CV
  8. Anubhav Bhambri
  9. Ankush Raghuvanshi
  10. Midhun James
Best wishes,