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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It Happens only in India !

I read a piece of news in the morning and found it hilarious and amazing at the same time. Noida Toll Bridge (DND) and Kalindi Kunj Bridges are 2 amongst the other bridges over Yamuna river used by the commuters to cross over from Noida to Delhi or vice versa.

Now, Kalindi Kunj Bridge is under repairs and has been closed for traffic for the last one month. It is expected to be closed for another month before the traffic is allowed to ply on that. Meanwhile commuters of Kalindi Kunj Bridge have been using the DND leading to higher incremental traffic on DND and massive traffic jams stretching the clearing time to around an hour or more during the peak hours.

Some of the more enterprising and adventurous commuters have devised a unique method to beat the traffic jam.

Read this.


Crackdown on boatsAfter HT reported that around 300 motorcycle-borne commuters have found an innovative yet dangerous way of beating the massive traffic jams on way to Noida from Delhi, Delhi police have stopped boatmen from ferrying bikes.
Motorcycles were being ferried on a boat in the wake of the closure of one carriageway of the Kalindi Kunj bridge